EDC Digital Media Coordinator

Project Overview

The Digital Media Coordinator is a critical element of the marketing program for Woodstock, responsible for all social media activity, blogging, website updates and email campaigns. This grant would continue funding the position through the end of 2022. (Note: This is the fourth or fifth year the EDC has funded this key position. The existing funding for prior years is sufficient to fund this position through the end of March, 2022; the grant request is to fund the remainder of the calendar year).

Grant Request


Total Project Budget


Applicant Information

Name of Applicant / Organization / Business

Patrick Futz (on behalf of the EDC)

Mailing Address

4324 W Woodstock Rd, Woodstock, VT 05091

Name of Project Coordinator

Patrick Fultz

Contact's Email Address



Organization's Website URL



Applicatant / Organizational Description

The purpose of the Economic Development Commission (EDC) is to plan and implement sustainable economic development in Woodstock, to:​

1. Increase the number of visitors who are most likely to develop connections to the area and contribute to the economy

2. Grow and diversify the resident population to enrich the community and the quality of life.

​To plan & implement sustainable economic development in Woodstock, we undertake the following activities:

1. Encouraging and helping existing and new businesses prosper, creating more job opportunities, becoming more environmentally conscious,

2. Making this a livable and welcoming community for a diverse, multi-generational population,

3. Promoting a welcoming, sustainable Woodstock area,

4. Improving and making the best use of land, buildings and other physical infrastructure, and

5. Developing tools to promote a sustainable economy.

The members of the EDC are Jon Spector (Chair), Joe DiNatale (Vice Chair), Marion Abrams, Patrick Fultz, Deborah Green, Michael Malik, Larry Niles, Mica Seely and Todd Ullman.

If you are applying on behalf of an organization, what is your total organizational budget?

Approximately $300,000

Project Information

Detailed Project Description

The Digital Marketing Manager oversees the day-to-day activities of the Woodstock website jointly managed by the Chamber of Commerce and the EDC. The website promotes Woodstock, its merchants and its activities and provides information for visitors.

The Manager also oversees all social media activities, email campaigns, blogging and other work needede to market Woodstock and support our local economy. Under the leadership of the first Digital Marketing Manager (Katie Berdan) and succeeded for the past year by the current Manager (Jennifer Schmidtke) we have seen dramatic growth in the number of visitors and the number of followers on social media.

Project Timeline

This grant will cover the budget for the Digital Media Coordinator for the remainder of this calendar year.

Project Champion

Patrick Fultz, co-Chair of the EDC Marketing Working Group


Project Budget Narrative

The grant funds will be spent on compensation for the contractor we have retained for the past year as Digital Marketing Manager.

Project Budget - Itemized

Income Category






Expense Category






Contractor Compensation



What will success look like?

Success will be indicated by continued rapid growth in appropriate online metrics including:

- Number of visitors to the website
- Number of page views
- Average time spent on site
- Number of social media followers
- Number of email subscribers
- Email open and click-through rates

Community support for this project

The Digital Media Coordinator supports the Marketing Working Group, which is a collaborative venture between the EDC and the Chamber.

Community support for this project

The project fully funds this position for the current year. It has been the EDC's practice to fund this position on an annual basis to allow for flexibility in future years.

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