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Project Overview

The requested grant would fund the pilot year of the Woodstock VT Podcast. A podcast featuring stories behind businesses, attractions, and the history of the community and events in Woodstock and would serve as both a promotional vehicle and an information hub. Podcasts have a unique ability to tell engaging stories, build trust and build relationships.

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Marion Abrams Madmotion.llc

Mailing Address

8 Border Lane Woodstock, VT

Name of Project Coordinator

Marion Abrams & Deborah Greene

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Applicatant / Organizational Description

Madmotion is a production company, headed by Marion Abrams, that has been creating video and podcasts in Vermont since 1995, including the official podcast of Spartan Race with over 800 published episodes and more than 40 million downloads and views. Marion joins fellow Woodstock resident Deborah Greene, who is also a skilled interviewer and filmmaker, who as The Peace Traveler, has been traveling since 2016 interviewing hundreds upon hundreds of people throughout America documenting their “state of peace”, weaving a tapestry of voices and images. Deborah is also schooled in community building, currently finishing a Master’s in Diversity Studies.

Our mutual commitment is to help foster growth and wellbeing in our community.

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Project Information

Detailed Project Description

The goal of The Woodstock Vt podcast is to support the local Woodstock economy and community through storytelling. Each episode will feature an interview with a local; such as artist, farmer, journalist, shopkeeper, event producer, historian, musician, photographer, athlete, chef or resident with a story to tell. For example we might interview a fly fishing guide about the experience of fishing the local waters, the beauty of nature and the joy of sharing that experience, or we might interview an artist who will be selling their work on The Green, or a third generation Woodstock farmer adapting to changes in the market, or a shopkeeper celebrating an anniversary with an inspirational origin story.

The Woodstock VT podcast will illustrate the uniqueness and beauty of our community through story and support its growth in five ways.

1.Tell stories by residents

2. Help residents become advocates for the community by providing a better understanding of events, opportunities, activities and business offerings in town so that they can inform friends, guests and customers.

3. Help second homeowners and new residents integrate into the community by exposing them to local stories, activities and business offerings.

4. Help future visitors become familiar with the character and offerings of Woodstock.

5. Build community by people knowing about each other. We are all aware this is an interesting moment in time and we all strive to create a peaceful cohesive community respecting both old and new. The simple act of knowing each other through story builds community.

An ancillary, but important aspect, is the ongoing archive of stories about our community, our businesses, its people and local initiatives. It will become a modern day anthology that can bring attention to and understanding of our community at large.

Project Timeline

Production will begin Spring of 2022 with a anticipated launch date of late Summer 2022.
Pre-publication work will include research, writing, interviewing as well as technical set up.

We will produce 20 episodes between Summer 2022 and Summer 2023.

The Woodstock VT podcast will publish regularly on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, and other podcast player apps. We will utilize our previous relationships in podcasting, documentary and media to expand the reach of our show.

Project Champion

The team above will champion the project and work collaboratively with businesses and local organizations to ensure the fullest expression of our community.


Project Budget Narrative

We are asking the EDC for $10,000 to cover start up costs and expenses, we will contribute our services until we are able to procure additional grants and advertising sponsorships to make the podcast self-sustaining.

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Technical setup




Research, writing and hosting




What will success look like?

Podcast listeners have exceeded 222 million according to Edison Research, and more than 40% of the US population report listening to a podcast in the last month.

The Woodstock VT Podcast will facilitate connection within the community. Podcasting, by its nature, is a format that allows for longer conversations, more complete stories, and deeper connections.

Podcasts are a portable audio format and audiences tend to listen to shows while driving, walking or jogging making podcasting a perfect way to reach both the local community and those traveling here. Podcasts also boast extended engagement, making them a good platform to explore topics in depth and create connections.

The show’s audience will fall into three categories
1.Local Residents
The local community will be supplied with a better understanding of events, opportunities, activities and business offerings and can share that information with friends and guests.
2. Frequent Visitors
The podcast will help frequent visitors connect to the community and take advantage of local activities and business offerings.
3. Future Visitors
Future visitors will become familiar with the character and offerings of Woodstock.

Success for the first year of the Woodstock VT podcast will be recording, editing, and publishing 20 episodes to iTunes, Spotify, and Google podcast apps.

We will lean on our experience to complete the project. Marion has worked in video and podcast production in Vermont for 30 years and since 2014 has been a podcasting coaching and consulting working with several large brands. Both Deborah and Marion bring a wealth of experience conducting and coordinating interviews and both bring a passion for community.

Community support for this project

There are so many engaging local stories to be told that will serve to connect and enhance life and business in Woodstock.

Since one of the main goals for the programming is telling the stories of our town, we will be in direct collaboration with residents with every episode. During the research/ development phase, we will be reaching out to the community at large to understand our collective interests, discover hidden history, and exciting stories to share. Our hope is the program will become something residents will be proud of and also those who come to visit will be entertained by and help them discover more about Woodstock as a whole.

Community support for this project

The start-up funds from this grant would allow us to ramp up programming, as well as build on demonstrated value to sponsorships garnered in the first year. Once we become a recognized ongoing source of content, we can continue to grow our funding and audience.

We anticipate greater funding via sponsorships and additional grants supporting the community and the arts in year two.

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