EDC Grant Applications

Have an idea for Woodstock that you want to get funded?

Applications for the Woodstock Economic Development Commission’s Grants for 2020 are due on January 7th, 2020 and will be discussed at the Annual Planning Meeting held on January 11, 2020 which applicants must attend. The EDC’s grant funding priorities include projects that demonstrably serve the EDC’s long-term goals of attracting high quality visitors and encouraging new residents. Favored projects will provide a long-term benefit to visitors, residents and businesses and offer measurable results. We are particularly focused on four priority areas: expanding housing supply and related services, marketing Woodstock, improving physical amenities and supporting the local business environment.

Eligible entities include Woodstock residents and taxpayers; Woodstock non-profit groups, civic and business associations; and Woodstock business owners.

You can review the 2020 grant guidelines here, and review the application form here.

To help prepare the best possible grant applications we strongly encourage applicants to take advantage of the optional support the EDC will offer. We will host a grant workshop on Thursday, November 7th at 6 pm in Town Hall, to explain how we evaluate grants and to answer questions about the best way to put forward your application. For those submitting larger grant requests (greater than $5,000) we strongly encourage you to submit a pre-application by November 27 and to attend the EDC meeting on Thursday, December 5th to discuss you application. The EDC may choose to assign an interested EDC member to work with you to develop a detailed project workplan and help submit your final application on January 7th.

The grant workshop for small grants and the pre-application and discussion for larger grants are optional, but in our past experience applications are often lacking critical information the first time they are presented to the EDC. To give applicants the best chance to present a strong case for funding we hope applicants will take advantage of the additional support the EDC is providing.

Finally, please note that we are accepting applications for large grants (those above $5,000) only once, at our Annual Planning Meeting; and we will accept applications for smaller grants later in the year only if our budget has not been fully allocated at the Annual Planning Meeting. So, please think ahead and consider whether your organization will require funding at any point in 2020, even if your funding need comes later in the year.

For more information about grants, contact Sally Miller at smiller@townofwoodstock.org

Helpful documents include: