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Mar 10, 2022
In 2022 Grant Process
Many good proposals here, a few of my favorites seem to fall into two very different categories. One more practical, and the other more creative. Both important. Logistical: Electric Equipment Pilot Project: 100% yes. Housing: At least one of these should be funded, as of course it is a community need but it is also efficient use of space and energy. I like the Accessory Unit Proposal because it takes advantage of existing stock without rewarding folks who are not present in our community (airbnb folks, etc). However, if the rental incentive program gets the job done, then it's worth considering as well. Loan program: I think it's a great idea, but doesn't seem like very much money. I think offering larger loans will have greater impact and will make this available to more people. Creative: Meyer Entertainment: What compelled me about this, beyond the fact that I love the idea of bringing more community events and plain old fun to the village, is that this is a well developed concept written by someone who obviously has chops and connections. I think this guy can get it done. Bookstock: Impressive aims, solid concept and I think could align Woodstock more intimately with creative and thinking folks. Feels solid. Abracadabra and Wheels: We work with both of these folks, so while I think it's nice to offer innovative business incentives, I think it's nice to look next door to the people who are already adding value and give them a boost. Nice folks, both bringing their own personality to town. I think Abracadabra adds an important energy to this town that is not represented elsewhere. That's how this town will stay relevant to millennials etc. I also had so many customers comment to me about enjoying Luke and his program, and I think what he does makes this place more interesting, and it makes nature more accessible for visitors. I like the idea of there being a discount for community members as well. New trees, the flower pots, lights: Yes. Lastly, while I am not sure that feels right to incentivize someone to neglect their property, if you tell me you've had a conversation with the corner businesses and for seventy grand we can improve that one crumbling facade, with regrets to all the other worthy programs, I'd say go for it. It is a significant eyesore. I do doubt that given the scale of the endeavor, the amount of money would compel the owners to make a change. My apologies if this offends someone, but as a person who has recently spent over $40,000 improving my village facade, I feel it our our responsibility and one of the reasons we are attracted to this community in the first place. And also lastly (god this is getting long) - I just want to add that there were many proposals that are so great, and I am sad not to put them in my tops. The female farmers project, the Brasserie, the hockey rink, the baseball field - just so many great ideas and initiatives coming from lovely, hard working people in our community. I wish everyone could get money. You have a hard choice. Thank you all for your energy and efforts!


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