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Business Relief Fund

Serving Woodstock Businesses Affected by COVID-19


Application for monies to help with immediate basic business needs such as:

  • Paying employees before unemployment is available

  • Covering non-reimbursable expenses acquired before closures were announced

  • Current rent

  • Other items that must be paid before longer-term assistance is available

These funds will be dispersed as 12-month, no interest loans up to $1,000, with no principal repayment required during the loan period. If, after 12 months the business still faces hardships the business may apply to convert the loan to a grant.

These funds are available to Woodstock-based businesses including nonprofits and self-employed entities who serve the Woodstock community. Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Questions about this form, and the Business Relief Fund, may be directed to

Immediate Assistance Loan Application
Do you have any longer-term needs

The Woodstock Economic Development Commission has $100,000 available for businesses in the Business
Relief Fund. Applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Every effort will be made to
have checks in the mail within 2 business days.


These funds will be awarded on the following conditions:

  • This is a hardship loan and the applicant has no other reserve funds

  • There are sufficient funds available in the EDC Business Relief Fund

  • The applicant confirms that they are a Woodstock-based business or a business that is essential to Woodstock's operation 

  • The applicant agrees to use the funds for the stated purposes

  • The applicant agrees to repay the full amount, with no additional charges, within one year of the award; this payment will be made to the Town of Woodstock

  • The applicant may be asked to report on use of funds at a later date 

  • Applicants are aware that as a municipal entity, names and amounts of loans/grants are part of the public record

  • If after 12 months the business still faces hardships the business may apply to the EDC who will determine whether to convert the loan to a grant.

Do you acknowledge and agree to the above conditions?

The Woodstock Business Relief Fund is an initiative of the Woodstock Economic Development Commission. It is funded with monies collected through the Town of Woodstock Local Option Tax which is managed by the Woodstock Economic Development Commission and the Woodstock Select Board.

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