About the EDC

The purpose of the Economic Development Commission (EDC) is to plan and implement sustainable economic development in Woodstock, to:

  • Increase the number of visitors who are most likely to develop connections to the area and contribute to the economy

  • Grow and diversify the resident population to enrich the community and the quality of life. 

​To plan & implement sustainable economic development in Woodstock, we undertake the following activities:

  1. Encouraging and helping existing and new businesses prosper, creating more job opportunities, becoming more environmentally conscious,

  2. Making this a livable and welcoming community for a diverse, multi-generational population,

  3. Promoting a welcoming, sustainable Woodstock area,

  4. Improving and making the best use of land, buildings and other physical infrastructure, and

  5. Developing tools to promote a sustainable economy. 

The members of the EDC are Jon Spector (Chair), Joe DiNatale (Vice Chair), Patrick Fultz, Deborah Green, Devon Kurtz, Michael Malik, Larry Niles, Mica Seely and Todd Ullman.

The Coordinator of the EDC is Sally Miller, who can be reached via email at smiller@townofwoodstock.org or by phone at (802) 299-7806.

From 2016 to 2018 we supported 35 projects to improve the quality of life in Woodstock, support job creation, market the town to encourage visitors, plan for the future, and support the operations of the Commission:

grants made.jpg

As a volunteer citizen-led Commission we welcome feedback from residents of Woodstock and visitors. Feel free to contact Sally Miller, the EDC Coordinator, at smiller@townofwoodstock.org or at (802) 299-7806.