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2023 Community Grant Program

The Woodstock Economic Development Commission is now accepting applications for our annual Community Grant Program for 2023. Application forms are available here and are due on January 16, 2023. The EDC will hold its Annual Meeting on Saturday, January 21, 2023 at which time applicants are expected to attend, present their application and address questions. EDC recommendations will be made at the Annual Meeting and finalized with Selectboard approval by early February.

Here's some additional information you may find useful:

  • We’ve established five long-term priorities: 

    • increasing workforce housing,

    • increasing childcare capacity for Woodstock residents and employees,

    • marketing Woodstock,

    • physically rejuvenating the downtown area, and

    • supporting and growing existing and new events.

  • We’ve adjusted our granting into two funding pools to better meet the needs of the community:

1. We're allocating a funding pool of up to $100,000 to the Community Grant Program for small projects that advance Woodstock's "economic and community development." Grants are NOT limited to our five priority areas, though proposals in priority areas are more likely to be funded. An example of a Community Grant would be a request for $3,500 to fund a jazz series on the Green during July and August. Applications for the Community Grant Program are due on January 16th and EDC recommendations to the Selectboard will be made at our Annual Meeting to be scheduled in the second half of January

2. Our remaining funding in 2023 will be directed towards Major Grant proposals that can have a substantial impact in one of our five priority areas. EDC Working Groups, with the participation of community members, are hard at work developing these proposals, and we encourage additional proposals from members of the community. An example of a Major Grant would be a request for $90,000 to create 20 new childcare spaces for Woodstock residents or employees. Applications for Major Grants are to be considered throughout the year as they are developed, and as funds are available.

  • Private businesses may apply for Community Grants, but the EDC will expect the primary beneficiaries of the grant will be the broader community and not the individual business owner. An example would be a private business that requests a grant to help renovate its bathrooms and allows both its customers and the public to use the bathrooms. Businesses looking for capital to help grow and where the business is the primary beneficiary may wish to apply to a new Revolving Loan Fund the EDC hopes to introduce later in 2023, pending further analysis and final approval.

To better understand the types of projects the EDC looks to fund, applicants may want to refer to the following documents:​

If you have questions about the grant process please contact

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