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Startup Woodstock

Need funding for your great business idea? Would you consider starting your business in Woodstock? If so, this may just be the $30,000 incentive you need!


The mission of Startup Woodstock is to attract new business to Woodstock by awarding a grant of up to $30,000 through an open competition for the establishment of a new innovative business. This grant has been funded by way of $20,000 in generous private donations, and $10,000 from the EDC.


While the competition is open to anyone, the business must be based in Woodstock, and the judges will be favoring applications that include, among others, one or more of the following attributes:

  1. Presents a comprehensive business plan that demonstrates the viability of the business

  2. Demonstrates success at raising private capital

  3. Shows that the grant will be a meaningful catalyst to the establishment of the business

  4. Provides a needed product or service that fills a gap in the current market or satisfies unmet demand.  

  5. Utilizes existing commercial rental space or other existing commercial property

  6. Improves quality of life in Woodstock and/or increased vibrancy of the downtown.

  7. Addresses housing supply challenges.

  8. Provides well-paying quality jobs


There will be an initial and final round of presentations all of which will be public. The eight individuals who have agreed to act as judges are all local residents who have substantial relevant business and community experience.

Initial applications are due by September 1, 2022.

A more complete statement of our criteria, the application process, timeline, contact information for questions, listing of judges, and the full application form will be posted to this page at the end of June.

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