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Standingtree Sheep & Goat Dairy FarmDairy

Project Overview

Using conservation grazing and sustainable cruelty free practices my son and I would like to produce a high quality artisan cheese.

Grant Request


Total Project Budget


Applicant Information

Name of Applicant / Organization / Business

Standing Tree Landscaping

Mailing Address

2666 East Hill Riad

Name of Project Coordinator

Catherine Donnell

Contact's Email Address



Organization's Website URL


Applicatant / Organizational Description

My son has severe autism. We have moved almost every year with our sheep and goats trying to find services for him. He is very smart and physically fit but not well and suffers from chronic fatigue. Outdoor activity makes both of us healthy and happy. I have always wanted to farm and I know Evan would help. There are really no schools or programs in Vermont for people as low functioning as Evan. We are both smart and intelligent people that could be successful even with Evan’s disability if we had some funding for a farm

If you are applying on behalf of an organization, what is your total organizational budget?


Project Information

Detailed Project Description

Moving the goats and sheep on to different sites as requested by clientele Evan and I will milk and take care of the sheep and goats. I need a permanent location to process milk and look after the herd and flock in winter. All milk will be frozen and then come winter months be made into cheese. My flock herd will consist of smaller dairy sheep and goat breeds. A daily journal will be kept and in summer months we will live in a trailer that will be in the selected pasture of the animals. They will be fenced in with electric fencing charged by solar fencer. Milk will be collected in the evening and brought back to the home farm for storage.

Project Timeline

May 2023-conservation grazing till September 2023.
October 2023 at home farm in preparation for breeding flock and herd. Cheese production begins using local milk products.

Project Champion

Catherine Donnell, mother of Evan Sherman and sole guardian, shepherdess of flock and herd, ecologist and professional landscaper.


Project Budget Narrative

Buying a home farm

Project Budget - Itemized

Income Category






Conservation grazing 5,000, cheese production first year 3,000

8,000 farm income for 2924

Catherine Donnell if Standing Tree Landscaping

Professional landscaper, 10,000, Evan Sherman disability pension 10,000


Expense Category






What will success look like?

When Evan and I can produce a cheese that will sustain us and the farm. Also give hope to other parents caught in the same situation as myself and Ev

Community support for this project

I have worked for many garden owners who have been inspired by my work. Evan has been a happy kid.

Community support for this project

I plan on continued work as a landscaper and accessing whatever services can be found for Ev until this becomes a full time endeavor

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