2022 Grant Applications

Meyer Event Production (working title)

Jeff Meyer

New Woodstock resident seeking funding to launch a local, for-profit, event production business that will produce a series of live entertainment events in underutilized spaces primarily within walking distance of downtown

“Vermont Female Farmers”

JuanCarlos Gonzalez

“Vermont Female Farmers” is a photography series that features female farmers from across the state of Vermont and captures their activities as they tend to their crops and livestock. Undertaken to both celebrate female farmers and bring awareness to the gender disparity in the farming industry, “Vermont Female Farmers” will be featured as an exhibit in Woodstock, Vermont.

Woodstock Vt Podcast

Marion Abrams Madmotion.llc

The requested grant would fund the pilot year of the Woodstock VT Podcast. A podcast featuring stories behind businesses, attractions, and the history of the community and events in Woodstock and would serve as both a promotional vehicle and an information hub. Podcasts have a unique ability to tell engaging stories, build trust and build relationships.

Woodstock Wheels

Woodstock Wheels

Woodstock Wheels, in it's second year of operation, is seeking up to a $10,000 grant to enable more operating hours hours to reach more customers, to implement a discount model to involve the community and, and to further enhance partnering with local organizations. The funds will be used to purchase additional bikes, maintenance, and business support while I continue to grow my small business venture here in the town I am from, and where I live today. Additional details about my business and responses to all pre-application questions can be found in the attached Woodstock Wheels Business Summary and Overview.

Start Up Woodstock (identified in preliminary application as Entrepreneurship Challenge)

Attracting New Business subcommittee/ Woodstock Economic Development Commission

Goal: To encourage, through a competition and significant funding, the establishment of a new innovative business, or significant reinvention of existing business, to be located in Woodstock. Funding to be a total of $30,000, with the grant being contingent on receiving $20,000 in private donations and the remaining $10,000 through funding of this grant request by the EDC. As of February 20, 2022, $10,000 in private funding has been committed.

EDC Revolving Loan Fund

Jon Spector/Economic Development Commission

A Revolving Loan Fund would enable the EDC to make low cost or no cost loans to applicants to further EDC objectives. In some circumstances (particularly when the recipient is a for-profit entity) loans, rather than outright grants, may be a better use of public funds while achieving similar economic development objectives. Several towns in Vermont have such a loan fund, e.g, Hartford, Bristol, Brattleboro, and Burlington.


Zoe Woodsum-Zilian

I am opening a bar on 4 Mechanic street- just across from the welcome center. My bar will provide cocktails and tapas. There is a high demand for food and drink options in woodstock. My bar will seat 25 people inside and 20 outside. I am spending approximately $300k on renovations and improvements and I am looking for a grant to help pay initial wages for employees. I will be looking to hire 2 full time bartenders/managers and 2 wait staff. My intention is to pay my staff well to garner security and commitment. Please note that I am NOT looking for a loan.

Abracadabra Coffee Company

Abracadabra Coffee Company

We are looking for support to make upgrades to our current building at 52 Pleasant St which will allow for us to transition from being take-out only to a full time cafe next to the East End Park. In order to be open in this grater capacity,

VisitWoodstock Smartphone App

Visit Woodstock

A smartphone app designed to help visitors to Woodstock locate places to shop, dine, stay, and what to see while they are in town. Designed to supplement the Chamber's Woodstock website.

Village Facade Incentive Program

Jon Spector/Economic Development Commission

One of the EDC's objectives is to improve the physical appearance of the Village to provide a more enjoyable experience for residents and visitors. Unfortunately, the exterior facades of several buildings are so dilapidated as to be quite noticeable, and are one of the more frequent complaints EDC members hear when residents and visitors discuss the Village experience.

Recognizing the importance to economic development of building facades in downtown environments, the State of Vermont has established financial incentives for building owners to make needed improvements. This grant would help establish an additional incentive for owners of buildings in the downtown Village area to improve their facades.

Rental Incentive Pilot Program to Increase Woodstock’s Housing Units

EDC Housing Working Group

Faced with the rental housing shortage in an increasingly competitive housing and vacation rental market, the EDC Housing Working Group is working to expand housing supply for the local workforce to grow our local economy. This program is designed to increase the appeal to create reasonably priced year-round rental homes. This is a pilot program based on successful results achieved in another town.

The Rental Incentive Pilot Program will offer incentive grants to Short Term Rental or Second Home Owners to lease their property as a Long Term Rental to families and individuals using the unit as their primary residence.

In the 2022 Pilot Program, Woodstock EDC will issue up to eleven grants.
Incentive levels will be dependant on length of participation (1 year or 2 years)
Participants and the EDC will create a legal agreement to ensure participant compliance

This program would be supported by the Housing Advisor whose funding is requested in the grant application Housing Advisor to Support Increasing Woodstock’s housing units.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Workforce Pilot Rental Program to Increase Woodstock’s Housing Units

EDC Housing Working Group

Faced with the rental housing shortage in an increasingly competitive housing and vacation rental market, the EDC Housing Working Group is working to expand housing supply for the local workforce to grow our local economy. This program is designed to increase the appeal of creating an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) as a reasonably priced, year-round rental home for the local workforce. This is a pilot program based on successful results achieved in another town.

The Accessory Dwelling Unit Workforce Rental Pilot Program will offer grants of up to $10,000 to those property owners creating an ADU prepared to commit to a long term lease at a reasonable rent, for a period of 3 years, and rent to families and individuals using the unit as their primary residence.

In the 2022 Pilot Program, Woodstock EDC will issue up to three grants.
Participants and the EDC will create a legal agreement to ensure participant compliance.

This program would be supported by the Housing Advisor whose funding is requested in the grant application Housing Advisor to Support Increasing Woodstock’s housing units.

Housing Advisor to Support Increasing Woodstock’s Housing Units

EDC Housing Working Group

The EDC Housing Working Group’s objective is to expand housing supply for the local workforce to grow our local economy. One housing initiative is underway (Homeshare run by The Thompson Center), we are proposing three more housing initiatives in 2022.
This application is key to achieving all three new housing initiatives
1. ADU Support Program
2. ADU Workforce Rental Pilot Program (separate application)
3. Rental Incentive Pilot Program (separate application)

This grant application is to provide a Housing Advisor, an expert advisor to support three new EDC housing initiatives and continue to support the Thompson Center’s Homeshare initiative.

The Housing Advisor will
- Promote the Rental Incentive Pilot Program, the ADU Workforce Pilot Rental Program, the ADU Support Program and the Homeshare Program ....and find eligible property owners
- Provide the expert assistance to property owners who are considering creating Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) during the exploratory, feasibility, permitting or operating stages. This is the ADU Support Program.
- Work with eligible property owners to execute the Rental Incentive Pilot Program
- Work with eligible property owners to execute the ADU Workforce Rental Pilot Program

This position would be a contract role, reporting to the EDC. Expected hours per week may vary, with 10 expected on average.

The work so far has been done by volunteers, we believe a person who can focus attention on this area for more hours each week will achieve important results.

Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration, Woodstock, VT

Town of Woodstock

Annual Celebration of the nation's independence. A patriotic event held on he grounds of Woodstock Union High School

TEDx to Woodstock as an annual weekend forum

TEDx to Woodstock

TED conferences are a globally recognized brand that specializes in collaborating with communities to create events which then live on well beyond each community through TED’s international network. I have been working with TED to bring a TEDx conference to our area. Placing a TEDx within our community offers an opportunity to showcase our local talent in various fields, as well as bring renown speakers to our area.
This is a unique moment of growth in so many communities around the world. Woodstock, with its history in conservationism and its reputation as one of the most beautiful small towns, is an ideal place to forge conversations about creating peaceful communities, innovation in business / farming / technology and living a more sustainable life.
There have been TEDx in the northern part of the state in Burlington and Stowe. This TEDx in Woodstock will service the South Central Vermont area and we look to grow it year upon year to be a formidable event of ideas and community goodwill.


Bookstock Inc

Bookstock, the Green Mountain Festival of Words, is an annual literary festival which in 2022 will take place on June 24 – 26, free of charge and open to all. It expects to host a mini-Bookstock later in the year. It aspires to be the premier cultural experience in Vermont.

Expanding Wassail Weekend

Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

Wassail Weekend is in it’s 38th year. It continues to grow and attract visitors from all over the country. Guests make reservation now for the following year. It is a wonderful, collaborative celebration for the Woodstock Area. The Chamber coordinates with the Library, Artistree, Pentangle Arts`, High School groups, High Horses Therapeutic Riding and more. In 2021 the Chamber offered wagon rides throughout the Village on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-1pm. These were well received. I would like to expand the day to Friday from 11-2PM. Phil Warren is well know in the area. His team is aware of the traffic and his wagon holds at least 10 people. His wife, Janet is in period costume and he wears a top hat, scarf and period coat.
The Chamber also contracted with Butler’s Bus to run two small buses as a shuttle service from the Village to the High School parking lot. This has worked well and help alleviate traffic problems on River Street and throughout the village. The buses run from 9:30AM until 5PM.

Woodstock Street Scape Enhancement

Economic Development Commission

To continue with the enhancement of the Village district based on recommendations made in the EDC study of village Streetscapes by DuBois & King in 2018.

Village Beautification Project

Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

The Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce has been working with the High School horticultural program to create hanging baskets to enhance the beautification of the village since 2009. The Chamber raises the funds to buy the flowers from the WUHS and then contracts with an individual to water, fertilize and dead-head the baskets from May 25-October 13th. We are requesting funds to pay for the maintenance of the baskets for 2022.
Also, The Chamber has worked with Timber Tenders and Chippers to help light the village for the Holiday Season. The Chamber is requesting funds to purchase the lights from our local hardware store. The Chamber will continue to coordinate with our local arborists to get the lights hung before Thanksgiving.

Vail Field Revitalization

Woodstock Youth Baseball and Sports

We are looking to revitalize Vail Field back to its former glory for all to enjoy. In light of the recent improvements to the tennis and basketball courts, we are working to bring additional enhancements to the baseball field.

Woodstock Varsity Hockey ICE Fund

Woodstock Varsity Hockey

We are lucky that a group of dedicated hockey parents went to extraordinary lengths to build a beautiful ice arena in our community. Union Arena is a community center that serves not only the Woodstock Youth Hockey Association (the feeder program for our State Championship Hockey Team) and the Woodstock Varsity Men's and Women's Teams, but also serves as host to a myriad of tournaments throughout the year, bringing thousands of folks into Woodstock to stay, shop and play.

The folks that did the work to get the Arena built did have to make some concessions and one of those concessions was that the high school would not be responsible for the total ice fees associated with launching and sustaining a successful varsity hockey program. The ice fees were the responsibility of the players, the parents and to a degree the Woodstock Youth Hockey Association. This presents a complicated task for the teams as ice fees increase, as our team has become more competitive and strives to keep up with teams throughout the state who have arena's that are funded by tax payers. Nevertheless, the parents have, since the inception of the program, made an annual "donation" to defray the cost of ice, and then have organized multiple fundraising projects throughout the year to pay for the ice. Working together with the Woodstock Youth Hockey Association through volunteering at the annual tournaments, we have managed to pay the ice fees every year. For the past 2 years, this has been a challenge, as many of our traditional routes of fundraising have been severely impacted by the Covid19 pandemic. The annual "donation", and I place this in quotations because we are also impacted by the inability to charge players to pay outright due to Vermont Principal Associations and State rules forbidding any "pay to play" programs in varsity sports- has increased from $500-$600 to a whopping $900 dollars, which still does not cover the ice fees totaling $40,000 this year. Many families are simply unable to make this donation.

As many of you know, we had no spectators at our games last year and this year the spectators for the majority of the season were limited to 2 per athlete. The gate fees we normally collect, along with the program we create for the home games (supported by many local businesses) defrayed about $6000 of the cost of ice. The gate fees and the program were zero last year. This year they are minimal.

Our fundraising was also impacted by Covid19 in terms of the types of fundraisers we were able to do because of the prohibition of public gatherings, so golf outings, restaurant nights, car washes, bake sales... all were impossible last year, and very minimally possible this year. Nevertheless we have still managed to take every opportunity to do fundraisers when possible, including the golf tournament which was moved to late fall this year, food booths on the Green in the fall and for Wassail weekend, selling wreaths, and lotteries with prizes. There is no lack of enthusiasm or participation from our group despite the challenges.

The question around whether or not there was some agreement between the high school and the originators of the Arena is a complicated one, but specifically the way it works today is that the high school budgets for the cost of the referees, the buses and the coaches stipend. The entire ice bill, including game ice, is paid solely by fundraising and parent donations. There is no other sport that incurs the cost related to ice time like hockey does. That is a function of the fact that our game takes place on ice which is expensive to maintain. That being said, the Union Arena Management Company supports our Varsity Teams as much as possible by making ice time available, but has no ability to help fund the ice time fees.

We believe that the programs that Woodstock Youth Hockey and the Woodstock Varsity Hockey teams bring to the Woodstock area help support our businesses. Traditionally the Veteran's Day Girls Tournament, the Pot o'Gold Tournament and several smaller tournaments, as well as playing host for State Championship Playdowns and approximately 2-4 varsity games per week, bring 100's of families into our little town, where the athletes and their families book hotel rooms, eat at our restaurants, shop at our stores and put coins in our meters. This is economic development at its finest; prior to our programs and the volunteers who built and currently manage them, none of this business would have been coming to Woodstock.

Our request is a simple one, and looking through the long list of organizations and individuals who have applied for funds, I don't see a single one that directly impacts the youth of Woodstock and the surrounding towns our schools serve; help our kids to have the ice time they need to continue to bring both pride to our town, and business to our merchants.

There are active conversations between involved parents and the varsity team reps, along with the board of the Woodstock Youth Hockey Association, as well as our school administration to build a more sustainable plan for future funding, but for this year, while we continue to face the challenges related to the pandemic, we are requesting assistance.

Our kids have lost a lot over the last two years, and yet, our dedicated hockey athletes continue to show up for practice, to play games with face masks in place and to win. What better way to show them that their dedication has not gone unnoticed.

Woodstock Nursery School

Woodstock Nursery School

Woodstock Nursery School is asking for 20,000$ to help cover our operating costs and hire an additional teacher for the 2022-2023 school year.

Electric Equipment Pilot Project

Sustainable Woodstock

Sustainable Woodstock seeks to partner with the Public Works Department of Woodstock to fund two electric leaf blowers and two electric string trimmers for town and village use. Additionally, this project would allow us to do a small print run of educational pamphlets on the safety and environmental hazards of gas-powered leaf blowers, to be provided to residents, local contractors, and businesses who employ them.

Woodstock Economic Development Council (EDC) Grants Manager

Patrick Fultz, EDC Board Member

Many Woodstock residents have great ideas for creating programs, improving buildings, and pursuing new ventures to improve economic and community development in Woodstock. Often the first question is: How will we fund this? There is an increasing amount of grant funding available from many different sources designed to support economic development ideas. However, identifying applicable grants and putting together the grant proposals can be a complex undertaking.

A part time experienced grants manager would be able to focus time and attention to identify grant opportunities for local businesses, the municipality, and non-profit organizations; to write and submit proposals and then manage reporting requirements once the grants are won.

This position would be a contract role, reporting to the EDC. Expected hours per week may vary, with 10 expected on average.

Expanding Welcome Center Hours

Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

The Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce coordinates and staffs the Woodstock Welcome from 9AM until 5 PM, 363 days a year. Obviously, this means there are no facilities available for locals and visitors if they are out for an after-dinner stroll, ice cream or shopping. We are proposing that the EDC fund, on a 1 year trial basis, expanded hours for the Welcome Center to stay open until 8PM. We are proposing that from July 1st, through October 20th and the weeks of Wassail through December 23 that the Welcome Center stay open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday until 8PM. This additional 18 weeks will cost $3610.

Woodstock Greeter Project

Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

Every Summer and fall the town of Woodstock receives thousands of visitors who stop here via motor coach tours. Early in the season you will see perhaps one or two tour groups walking through the village. As we progress to foliage season, there may be up to 25 buses daily. We learned that most tour operators don’t know anything about Woodstock. They just know that it is a pretty place and one of the many stops in New England.
A visitor greeter will meet the bus, make sure they know how to get to the restrooms, the covered bridge; where they can grab something to eat and maybe take a walk to view some Revere Bells. If pre-arranged a Visitor Greeter may meet the bus and hop on and tell them about some of the historical facts about the area, such as the terminus for the train, Hiram Powers or The Woodstock Inn.
The Chamber will reach out to tour operator to get the approximate time and date of in-coming buses. The Greeters will be recruited, trained and assigned days of the week by the Chamber. They will be paid by the Chamber of Commerce through this proposed grant. This will be a trial project and will be assessed late in October 2022

EDC Administrator

Jon Spector/Economic Development Commission

The EDC is seeking funding for a part-time Administrator to be responsible for basic administrative functions. This position has been funded since 2017 on a contracted basis, as the EDC is the only Town-appointed permanent commission without support from the municipal staff.

EDC Digital Media Coordinator

Patrick Futz (on behalf of the EDC)

The Digital Media Coordinator is a critical element of the marketing program for Woodstock, responsible for all social media activity, blogging, website updates and email campaigns. This grant would continue funding the position through the end of 2022. (Note: This is the fourth or fifth year the EDC has funded this key position. The existing funding for prior years is sufficient to fund this position through the end of March, 2022; the grant request is to fund the remainder of the calendar year).

Appalachian Trail Days

Daniel T. Quinn Appalachian Trail House

A grant to organize and establish a weekend conference entitled Appalachian Trail Days. The conference would promote local, national and international awareness and hiking activities on the Appalachian Trail System (and by extension, local hiking trails such as Mt. Peg and Mt. Tom).

For almost 30 years, (since 1992) I have operated a free hostel for hikers on the Appalachian Trail. With an average count of 550-650 hikers per season (June through September) more than 12,000 hikers have stayed here, with an ancillary benefit of tens to thousands of dollars to Woodstock and the community. It has long been my goal to have a weekend conference in Woodstock, entitled Appalachian Trail Days. The conference would be supported (largely paid for) by the hiking industry and would benefit local businesses, hotels and restaurants, as well as promoting hiking and similar outdoor activities in the area. (Swimming. Biking. Kayaking. Camping. Etc.)