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2023 Submitted

THE GOOD DOCTOR theater production at Woodstock Town Hall Theatre

BarnArts Center for the Arts

BarnArts is bringing community theater to the Woodstock Town Hall Theater with a production of Neal Simon's THE GOOD DOCTOR in March. The production will include 6 performances, March 17-26.

Beautification 2023 Flowers and lights

Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

The Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce has been working with the High School horticultural program to create hanging baskets to enhance the beautification of the village since 2009. The Chamber raises the funds to buy the flowers from the WUHS and then contracts with an individual to water, fertilize and dead-head the baskets from May 25-October 13th. We are requesting funds to pay for the maintenance of the baskets for 2023. We were very fortunate to contract with Roger Ansardi for the season. He did a fabulous job maintaining the baskets.
Also, The Chamber has worked with Timber Tenders and Chippers to help light the village for the Holiday Season. The Chamber is requesting funds to purchase the lights from our local hardware store. The Chamber will continue to coordinate with our local arborists to get the lights hung before Thanksgiving.

Fundraising Manager Position for WCSU

Windsor Central Supervisory Union

We are seeking funding to continue to build upon the recent successful fundraising efforts of the Windsor Central Supervisory Union (WCSU). Dollars raised from private sources will support and offset costs associated with the new Woodstock Union Middle and High School. Since the campaign commenced in the spring of ’22, we have secured nearly $3 million in pledges for the new High School Middle School (HSMS).

The requested grant will fund 75% of the FTE of the Fundraising Manager’s position which was created and filled by the district in 2022 but is not permanently funded. This position is critical to ensure that private philanthropic dollars continue to be raised for the capital campaign for the new HSMS and to supplement and enhance the district’s programmatic needs now and in the future. The Fundraising Manager also oversees all communications for the new HSMS including, the new HSMS’ website, print and digital media efforts and public education.

Space Rocks!

Mike Pearsall

Space Rocks is a Woodstock-based father-son business that throws out of this world star parties and events for astronomical kids and backyard astromatures. We bring the Universe closer to home, right to your backyard. While many businesses deliver things like pizza, subs and packages, we bring planets, suns and comets!

Work In Woodstock

Norman Williams Public Library

Purchase and installation of 2 soundproof office pods for public use. The 2 pods that we would like to install are a single pod for use by one person and a dual pod for use by 2 people. We anticipate that these pods could be used by residents and visitors for conducting phone calls and video meetings as well as for working on work or school related projects as well as for other purposes requiring privacy or to conduct business without disturbing other library patrons.

Another popular use for the pods is for telemedicine. NWPL often provides private space for people to conduct their remote medical appointments. There are many reasons that individuals choose not to do this from their homes, including sensitive conditions that they prefer not to share with household members and lack of consistent internet connection.

Cassandra Levatino cleaning business

Cassandra Levatino Cleaning

I have been cleaning for 13 years and it was cleaning for myself last year. I want to start a cleaning business with insurance as an LLC

Ottauquechee River Trail (ORT)--Universal Accessibility Project

Ottauquechee River Trail (owned by the Village/Town of Woodstock)

Opened in 2020, the Ottauquechee River Trail (ORT) is a 2.8-mile, flat, family-friendly walking trail along the Ottauquechee River that offers an exposure to Woodstock’s beauty and provides our community with abundant opportunities for exercise and river access. Originating at the East End Park, this low impact grass trail runs along the edge of fields on private property with some of the return loop located on the old Woodstock railroad bed.

This project will upgrade the first 0.3 miles of ORT to enable universal accessibility. The remainder of the trail has to remain "natural" given it is in the Ottauquechee River floodway. By making ORT accessible, Woodstock will have a trail along the river that is usable by everyone regardless of physical abilities.

There are two elements to this project: 1) to create an ADA-compliant ramp at the trailhead combined with the hardening of the trail material to meet accessibility standards; and 2) to upgrade the trailhead section of ORT to provide a better first impression, which will enhance the experience and usage.

Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association - Eastern States Cup Event Grant

Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association

The Woodstock Area Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA) has partnered with the Maxxis Eastern States Cup to bring the top enduro bike riders in New England to Woodstock for a weekend riding festival. We are excited to bring the Cup series back to Woodstock on Oct 1, 2023, and request the support of the EDC to help cover costs associated with our event-requirements to be eligible for hosting.

Bookstock 2023

Bookstock - Green Mountain Festival of Words

Bookstock is an annual literary festival held in Woodstock, Vermont. We attract approximately 1,000 people and host 40-50 authors and other events during the course of the weekend. Bookstock 2023 will be held on June 23-25 and is free and open to the public.

Standingtree Sheep & Goat Dairy FarmDairy

Standing Tree Landscaping

Using conservation grazing and sustainable cruelty free practices my son and I would like to produce a high quality artisan cheese.

PBS Documentary Film Project "Ethan Allen - The Man & The Myth"

Rick Moulton Productions & Vermont Historical Society as Fiscal Agent

We are producing and our-long PBS Documentary that explores the importance of Ethan Allen's life contextualized against our Country's history. Collaborating with notable historians, organizations, museums, archives, authors, and experts we will present the various aspects and perspectives of Ethan Allen's life and his place in the fight for independence. We are partnered with the Vermont Historical Society and they are our fiscal agent. Vermont Public, Th Humanities Council, Ethan Allen Homestead, and Fort Ticonderoga have all signed on as endorsements for the film. There has never been a documentary film on Ethan Allen. See our Project Over View at

Wassail Weekend 2023

Woodstock Area Chamber of Commerce

Wassail Weekend is in its 39th year. It continues to grow and attract visitors from all over the country. Guests make reservation now for the following year. It is a wonderful, collaborative celebration for the Woodstock Area. The Chamber coordinates with the Library, Artistree, Pentangles, high School groups, High Horses Therapeutic Riding and more. In 2022 the Chamber offered wagon rides throughout the Village on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30-1pm. These were well received. I would like to continue to offer the expanded Friday from 11-2PM. Phil Warren is well know in the area. His team is aware of the traffic and his wagon holds at least 10 people. His wife is in period costume and he wears a top hat, scarf and period coat.
The Chamber also contracted with Butler’s Bus to run two small buses as a shuttle service from the Village to the High School parking lot. This has worked well and help alleviate traffic problems on River Street and throughout the village. The buses run from 9:30AM until 5PM. Due to the enormous turnout on December 10, 2022 we need to further expand the bus service. We are hoping to double our shuttle service and rent 4 mini-buses.

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