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Central Street Renovation

Applicant Name

Pamela Young

Applicant Organization

The Troops LLC

Phone Number


Mailing Address

The Troops LLC PO Box 98613 Raleigh, NC 27624




Organization Website

Grant Request Summary

To improve and make the best use of our building's retail/restaurant space we are seeking assistance to do some renovations. It was a viable space for over 38 years. We are very aware that Woodstock is in need and has been missing restaurant choices in the Village downtown area. Having our building's retail spaces left empty is not sustainable for bringing business into Woodstock. We are in need of financial help to bring back a business in order to create more jobs for Woodstock.

Project Budget


Desired Grant Amount


Other Funding Sources

Project Timeframe


How will this project benefit the economic and community development of Woodstock?

Woodstock has been missing out on having another restaurant or food establishment in the Village. Renovations to our existing retail spaces would attract and allow a retail or restaurant business to lease, bringing more economic growth to the Village area. It would also bring more jobs for people.

Which EDC Working Grouop Objectives does your project best support?

Marketing (Marketing Woodstock to attract more visitors and permanent residents), Attracting New Businesses (Attracting businesses to Woodstock), Downtown Physical Rejuvenation (Improving facilities and public spaces in the downtown area), Other

Other Objectives

New Business and more jobs for economic growth. An empty store front would be filled.

Project Collaborations


Additional Comments

Our family has owned this Woodstock Village building for almost 50 years. We have never asked for help from the Woodstock Community. Having our own restaurant family business there for many years and then leasing out our spaces for many more years until recently, we would ask for help to gain and improve upon our renovation. To create a space for some wonderful new business would be of great value to the Woodstock Community. Thank you for your consideration.

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