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Meyer Event Productions

Applicant Name

Jeff Meyer

Applicant Organization

Phone Number


Mailing Address

18 Mountain Avenue




Organization Website

Grant Request Summary

I will be requesting funds to launch a local mission-driven series of live entertainment events. The mission is to provide live entertainment events in the Village of Woodstock and surrounding area that expand upon (but do not compete with) the offerings of local nonprofit organizations while taking advantage of underutilized spaces (e.g., the backyard of the History Center). Forms of entertainment include but are not limited to music, comedy, talks/lectures and dance.

Project Budget


Desired Grant Amount


Other Funding Sources


Project Timeframe

If I can get help launching this, I project that it will be self-sustaining within one year and will continue operating for decades.

How will this project benefit the economic and community development of Woodstock?

This project would provide live entertainment options not currently offered in Woodstock, enhancing the vibrancy of our community. We would focus particularly on events that would appeal to both visitors and locals. A key focus of the project is to partner with local businesses who can provide space, concessions and event support.

Which EDC Working Grouop Objectives does your project best support?

Downtown Physical Rejuvenation (Improving facilities and public spaces in the downtown area), Events (Supporting the growth of events for visitors and the community)

Other Objectives

Project Collaborations

Yes, but not formally when submitting the application

Additional Comments

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