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Photography Exhibit - FARMERS

Applicant Name

Photography Exhibit - FARMERS

Applicant Organization

JuanCarlos Photography (JuanKasFoto)

Email Address

Phone Number


Mailing Address

958 Hale Hollow Re

Bridgewater Corner



Organization Website

Grant Request Summary

I’m working on a photography exhibit which will attract visitors to come to the area and increase the tourism. The exhibit will focus on Vermont Female Farmers. The goal is to bring awareness to the farming industry and the females within the farming community. This will also provide business to local printers, art framers, local galleries and so for. That said the reason for this grant is to use it for the travels, printing of the images, framing them sand any rental space needed to display the art. The long term goal is to take this exhibit through different galleries and potentially outside Vermont. Lastly the images will be used for a coffee table book.

Project Budget

$15,000 - $19,999

Desired Grant Amount

$10,000 - $14,999

Other Funding Sources

I would have to try and reach out to investors.

Project Timeframe

Summer and / or fall 2022

How will this project benefit the economic and community development of Woodstock?

This project will improve the visibility on the female farmers industry and not to mention the tourism. By attracting more people this will helps the local business and the farmers.

Which EDC Working Grouop Objectives does your project best support?

Marketing (Marketing Woodstock to attract more visitors and permanent residents), Attracting New Businesses (Attracting businesses to Woodstock), Events (Supporting the growth of events for visitors and the community)

Other Objectives

Project Collaborations


Additional Comments

I’ve started the process on meeting the farmers in the area and the response has been amazing. Not a single farmer that I’ve reached to said no. I’m extremely excited to showcase this.

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