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Woodstock Outdoor Adventure Collaborative

Applicant Name

Sarah Newell

Applicant Organization

Email Address

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Mailing Address

134 Spruce Way




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Grant Request Summary

We are requesting funding to support the start-up of a new outdoor business venture in Woodstock. As residents of Woodstock, our goal is to create opportunities for people of all skill levels to experience the beauty of local public and preserved lands by organizing guided backcountry excursions. We will provide individuals with new ways of enjoying outdoor adventures and ideally encouraging confidence in outdoor pursuits, a love of our community, and future visits to the area.

We look forward to not only supporting the local tourism economy, but through our mission-driven purpose of providing physical outdoor experiences that promote inner growth, we hope to build a strong, healthy local community. Research supports the mental health benefits of spending time in nature and the resilience that arises from pushing past perceived limits in outdoor settings.
Our business would bridge a current gap in Woodstock outdoor recreation offerings in a few key ways. First, we would supplement resort pursuits by accessing backcountry trails. We would additionally provide opportunities that will respond to increased demand for safe outdoor social gatherings as a result of the pandemic. Moreover, Phase I of this program would employ local part-time guides and the eventual ability to hire full-time program staff in Phase II of the business plan, thus growing jobs in the community.

Project Budget

$20,000 - $24,999

Desired Grant Amount

$10,000 - $14,999

Other Funding Sources

Owner capital

Project Timeframe

We are seeking funding now with the goal of launching Phase I of the business with guided snowshoe tours in December 2022. Because of supply shortages, equipment must be purchased as soon as possible and continue to be ordered on a rolling basis as it becomes available in order to operate next winter. Through the spring and summer of 2022 we will build community relationships, solidify our organizational structure and marketing, and continue training in mountain skills. Once we have achieved sustainable profitability within Phase I, we will reinvest in the business and move to Phase II.

How will this project benefit the economic and community development of Woodstock?

This project will provide opportunities for individuals, families, and groups to participate in guided outdoor activities such as snowshoeing and hiking. This initiative will collaborate with existing inns & hotels, retreat centers, park systems, and adventure centers to provide fun and empowering outdoor excursions for visitors and local residents alike. Long term, we plan to create wellness events (e.g., meditation, nutrition education, movement courses) and related experiences that will promote camaraderie and individual growth. The owners’ professional backgrounds in psychology, business creation, recreation development, and event planning, in addition to mountain skills training, will support all phases of this new business.

Which EDC Working Grouop Objectives does your project best support?

Marketing (Marketing Woodstock to attract more visitors and permanent residents), Events (Supporting the growth of events for visitors and the community), Other

Other Objectives

Empower women and young girls, especially those with limited access including BIPOC, low-income, etc., and Collaborate with area mental health and community health organizations to support a strong, healthy community.

Project Collaborations

We are not collaborating with other organizations in Woodstock to implement this project, however we plan to connect with local inns & hotels, retreat centers, park systems, and adventure centers.

Additional Comments

Thank you for this opportunity.

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